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Pure Wellness Center

Tom Ballard, RN, ND

Scientific Natural Medicine Since 1982

Remote Consultations (Email, phone, and Skype) Available

After 33 years of practicing scientific natural medicine, I closed my offices in 2015 to concentrate on providing on-line genetic reports, writing, teaching, and producing videos. While I have given up my brink-and-mortar practice, I am still available for a limited number of remote consultations via email, phone or Skype.

Comprehensive Consultation

We have available a comprehensive consultation regarding your past health history, supplements, medications, and DNA with concrete therapeutic suggestions based on my 30+ years of whole-system experience.

The Comprehensive Consultation takes place in three parts. The reason for this is that DNA alone cannot make a diagnosis; it must be combined with health history, physical exam, and other laboratory tests that I will review before we meet.

  • Introduction and information gathering by email. You are asked to…
    • Fill out a 20+ page health questionnaire and email it to Dr. Ballard.
    • Email a list of your medications and supplements including brand names, potency and how often you take them.
    • Email copies of your lab results for the past five years.
Dr. Ballard will analyse this material before your Skype appointment.
  • Dr. Ballard will contact you by email with questions, requests for additional information, and possibly some home testing such as pH, daily temperature, and digestive analysis.
  • A 55 minute Skype or phone meeting with Dr. Ballard to discuss your health history, genetics, and treatment options. If you prefer, this session can be conducted by email.

Notice: While no one other than Dr. Ballard is authorized to use his Gmail and Skype accounts, Gmail and Skype do not meet federal HIPPA guidelines for medical privacy. If you choose to sign up for Dr. Ballard’s consultation services, you are agreeing to transfer your medical information over services that are not secure.

Once you’ve paid for your Comprehensive Consultation:

  • Go to
  • Download the two PDF files.
  • Fill out the Health History and the Privacy Policy.
  • Scan and email the forms to along with:
    • A list of your medications and supplements including brand names, potency, how often you take them, and for how long you’ve been taking them.
    • Copies of your lab results for the past five years or from when you were first diagnosed with your condition.
    • A list of days and times you’re available for a 45 minute Skype consultation. Also note your time zone.

Once he has studied your health history, Dr. Ballard will contact you by email to schedule your Skype/Phone session.

Click button below to pay for your Comprehensive Consultation.

Comprehensive Consult


Comprehensive Consult Forms

After paying for your Comprehensive Consultation:

1. Download and print forms.

2. Fill out forms.

3. Scan forms.

4. Attach forms to an email to:

Existing patient questions

If you are an existing patient of Dr. Ballard, either from his clinic or from a Comprehensive Consult, you can always ask questions. If you have a question of clarification on a treatment plan that we have discussed, then there is no charge.

If you have a new question or new area of your health that you would like to discuss, or if you have completed a treatment program and want to know what to do next, then I do charge for those consultations.

There are two choices:

1. Email consultation: Depending on the number and complexity of the questions, this may be one 30 min. or several shorter email exchanges.

$50 for 30 minutes. If you choose this option, send me an email at [email protected] with your question(s). Please let me know when you paid and under what name (because names and emails are often different)

2. Skype of phone consult: This involves us deciding via email on the time of our meeting and then then meeting via Skype of telephone for 30 minutes.

$75 for 30 minutes. If you choose this option, send me an email with the name you used to pay, the date of payment, and a list of days and times that would work for you - [email protected] I will answer you via email to arrange the consultation. If you do not have a Skype account, they are easy and free to set up (

Please pay in advance by using the button below.

$50 for email consult

After your payment, send an email as described above. 

$75 for Skype or Phone consult