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Pure Wellness Center

Tom Ballard, RN, ND

Scientific Natural Medicine Since 1982

Genetic Health Reports

The human genome opened up tremendous opportunities in health care. I would call it the biggest advance in medicine since the discovery of bacteria and infectious disease. Starting in 2013 I've dedicated myself to making useful genetic health reports available to patients and doctors. The service is called Natural DNA Solutions and it is currently the only comprehensive genetic-based health report that provides explanations of gene function and treatment options.

Treating genes?????????????? How can that be?

Yes, you can "treat" genes because of the effects of environment on the expression of genes. For hundreds of years people debated whether we were mostly Nature (a product of our parents) or Nurture (the result of our upbringing. The discovery and reading of the genome has conclusively answered that question: we are both Nature (DNA) and Nature (environmental influences).

This is one of those "one picture is worth a thousand words" photos. These mice are genetically identical. They are bred to be obese, diabetic and develop cancer. The mouse on the left is fulfilling his genetic destiny. The mouse on the right is completely healthy as a result of eating an enriched diet. His fur color has even returned to normal. This is known as the science of epigenetics, or how gene expression is changed by such things as diet, detoxification, and lifestyle activities. 

To learn more about genetics, genetic testing, and how to change your genetic future, go to: